I'm afriad of my feelings,...

I'm afriad of my feelings,
I don't know what should i do.
I want to love you
And i want forget you too.
But every time i see you
I loos my breath,my promis.
What happen,tell me,dear?
And can you help
Without jokes?

You know, think i love you.
Because you fallow me-
Where I am
There you always are.

You're always on my mind,
I see you in my dreams
And try to look so kind-
What actually it means??

I guess i need you,boy,
I need you more then ever!
If only we could find the way,
We might have been together.

Автор: Ирина

Опубликовано: 24.12.2005 Просмотров: 4487
Раздел: Стихи о любви


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