You don`t love me

You don`t love me,I know,
Please don`t tell me I`m wrong,
Let me be the one who knows the truth,
And I will never make you choose.
To choose the one between me and the world,
That`s the thing that is worth than gold,
You`ll see I`m strong enough to leave you,
It doesn`t matter if you are with me.

If I stay alone I won`t cry,
If I stay alone I won`t die,
I just let you go,you ere free,
Don`t tell me then I was your dream.

And now I wanna forget you,
My life was full with pain,
That`s why I gonna let you go,
Don`t miss your train..

Автор: too lost in you

Опубликовано: 8.10.2005 Просмотров: 4476
Раздел: Стихи о любви


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